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Selected Research Works

Selected Research Works


The Shia Atlas by Rasoul Ja’farian and National Geographic Organization of the Armed Forces, the seccond winner of the adult section of the 3rd Farabi International Award... More ...

Description and Analysis of Sadi's Snnets, 2nd Winner of the Language and Literature Group in the Adult Section More ...

Literary History Of Iran And Domain of Persian Language / 2nd winner of the "Lanuage and Literature" More ...

Repertorium persischer Herrscherurkunden ... / Bert Fragner... More

The Palace of Darius in Susa / by: Jean Perrot ... ... More

PAHLAVI LITERATURE / by Carlo G. Cereti ... ... More

Pivotal Role of Quranic Texts in Jurisprudential Studies ... / by: Khalid Qafouri ... ... More

Mosques and Madrases in Iran 1785-1847 / by: Markus Ritter ... More

Isuramu-sekai-no sozo (Creating the Notion of the Islamic World) / by: Masashi Haneda... More




Dr. Khosrow Baqeri: Indigenization and Attention to Indigenized Science Are Best Ways to Develop Humanities More ...

Hojjatoleslam Seyed Mohammad Reza Emam, University of Tehran Professor: Indigenized Humanities Should Enjoy Islamic Foundations ... More ...

Dr. Khajesarvi: Farabi International Award Proves Importance of Humanities in the Iranian Higher Education
More ...

Farabi International Award Is a Basic and Developing Move ... More ...

Dr. Avani: "Iran has stood out both in the Muslim world and at international level and out of all civilizations, the Iranian civilization has played a crucial role in the progress of natural and other More ...



12 February 2016


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